Tuesday , 23 July 2024

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Jack Elleker – F1StatMan
Creator of the site, lover of statistics. I started off with just a Twitter account and a spreadsheet to fill up some free time and have a bit of fun, never quite thought I’d end up with 5000 followers and a website. I watch a lot of motorsport and love getting up early to watch it, earlier the better.

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craigoCraig Woollard – Featured Columnist
Hello all, my name is Craig. For as long as I can remember, F1 has been my passion. From the moment that I was able to distinguish the beautiful yellow Jordan cars from the aerodynamically awesome black and white McLarens to the stunning scarlet red Ferraris, there is nothing which has meant more to me than Formula 1. The statistics of Formula 1 is something I take a big interest in, with a lot of my friends referring to me as the ‘F1 encyclopedia’.

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