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Post-race Statistics of the Canadian GP

I’ll be honest, the Canadian GP was incredibly boring. Bottas impressed in the wet qualifying session with 3rd, the first time Williams have been into Q3 this season. The race was won from pole by Sebastian Vettel by a 14 second gap, which could have been well over 20 seconds if he didn’t make a mistake towards the end of the race and if he wasn’t held up while lapping cars.

Sebastian Vettel won for the third time this season and the second time from pole position. Lewis Hamilton ended his record of either winning or retiring from the Canadian GP by finishing third and Vettel won the Canadian GP for the first time. Of the GPs that Vettel has entered us hasn’t won only France, Germany, USA and Hungary.

Kimi Räikkönen has matched Michael Schumacher’s record of 24 consecutive points finishes by finishing ninth, though Schumacher did it when points were awarded to just the top six finishers rather than the top ten now. Fernando Alonso’s second place was his 90th podium finish in F1, his 37th for Scuderia Ferrari. In the Constructors’ Championship Mercedes have passed Lotus for third place and are now just 11 points away from Ferrari in second.


Only a few movements in the Drivers’ Championship standings after the Canadian GP, Fernando Alonso has jumped back up to second and ahead of Räikkönen for the first time this season. Lower down in the championship Jean-Eric Vergne jumped from 15th to 12th after his best finish of 6th, the best finish for a Toro Rosso since Vettel left the team.


The points graph is always fairly interesting to look at, Sebastian Vettel now has a massive lead in the championship. Räikkönen started off strongly but has dropped off recently, losing his second place to Fernando Alonso.

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