Sunday , 23 June 2024

Half-season Graphs

We’re halfway into the season now (pretty much), so it’s time for some graphs of everything I can think of. How teammates are doing head to head, drivers’ championship positions, constructors’ championship positions, everything.

The first graph is fairly easy to understand, it is the number of times each driver has outqualified their teammate this season. Things are fairly even at Caterham and Force India, but at Marussia, Red Bull and Sauber one driver has completely dominated over the other.


The next graph is very similar to the first, but instead of qualifying it’s the race. To keep things fair if a driver retires from the race it won’t count as his teammate having beaten him. There are quite a few interesting differences between this graph and the previous.

The first big difference is at Caterham, they were fairly even in qualifying but in the race Charles Pic has been ahead every time, the story at Ferrari is similar but not so surprising. The rest are reasonably similar to the qualifying graph until you get to Toro Rosso and Williams where the exact opposite has happened. In qualifying Ricciardo and Bottas were better, but in the races Vergne and Maldonado have been. However there have only been three races in which both Toro Rosso drivers have finished.


The first of the constructors’ graphs now, this one shows the number of times each time has dropped out of Q1, dropped out of Q2 and made it into Q3. The blue is for dropping out of Q1, orange for Q2 and silver for Q3. As you can see no team has made it into Q3 every time, but four drivers have and they are the four leading; Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton.


Another constructor based graph, this one displaying the total length in km each team has raced. McLaren are up at the top as they haven’t had a single retirement, consistent but not particularly fast. Ferrari are right down at the bottom, with two retirements happening in the first five laps.


Pitstops have been a hot topic since Pirelli re-joined F1, so how about a graph showing the average number of stops each driver has every race. Giedo van der Garde is noticeably bad on his tyres, averaging a whole pitstop more than teammate Charles Pic.


A graph to go with the above, but instead of the average pitstops per race, this time it’s the average distance in km between pitstops. The two Finns Raikkonen and Bottas have the highest average distance, with Brits Button and di Resta just behind.


Had enough graphs yet? Only a few more left, the points each driver and constructor has.



And the wins, podiums, poles and fastest laps each driver has so far this season.



I think that’s enough graphs for one day, but if you want any more just tweet me or comment and I’ll be happy to help.

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  1. Great graphs, very interesting and easy to read. Thanks for posting 🙂

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