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Part two of the driver number stats! Part one here. This will finish off the rest of the drivers, from McLaren to Williams.

2014 Driver Number Stats – Part 2

Part two of the driver number stats! Part one here. This will finish off the rest of the drivers, from McLaren to Williams.


#20 Kevin Magnussen – McLaren

789 races, 13 wins and 55 podiums. The first winner with the number 14 was none other than Sir Stirling Moss at the 1957 British Grand Prix. The last winner was Nelson Piquet in his Benetton at the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix. Adrian Sutil has used the number 20 most, with 52 races between 2007 and 2009. Minardi are the team that used it the most, a full 120 races.


#22 Jenson Button – McLaren

There have been 741 races for number 22, with 14 wins. 11 of those wins came from Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in their championship winning years of 2008 and 2009. The first winner was Fangio at the 1951 Spanish Grand Prix. Andrea de Cesaris used the 22 most, 81 races between 1980 and 1990. Scuderia Italia are the team that used it the most with 78 races.


#6 Nico Rosberg – Mercedes

Another number that has competed in every season of F1, 873 races and an impressive 56 wins in total. The first winner, as with most numbers, was Fangio at the 1950 French Grand Prix. The number six also won four times with Nico’s dad Keke at the wheel, in 1982, his championship winning year, 1984 and 1985. Ricardo Patrese used the number 111 times, and Williams 242 times.


#44 Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes

Just 52 races for the number 44, and a single win. The one win came at the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix, Maurice Trintignant’s Ferrari 625. Only a few drivers have used 44 more than once, Roy Salvadori has the most with just four races, the Gordini team have just one more, five races.


#1 Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull

Obviously a well-used number, but not just champions have driven with the number one, in the earlier years of F1 numbers changed every race and the number one often went to the previous winner of a national GP. A mammoth 181 races have been won under the number one, most of them from Schumacher and Vettel. So of course, Schumacher has the most races with it, 120 of them. But McLaren have more, 222 races.


#3 Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull

Number three, 783 races and 55 wins. First winner was Wolfgang von Trips at the 1961 Dutch Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher used number three most, 62 races and Tyrrell the most races for a constructor, 353 times in total from 1969 to 1995.


#21 Esteban Gutierrez – Sauber

Just a single win for number 21, from Jackie Stewart in 1972, but 640 races in total. The first driver to use 21 was a Thai Price, Price Bira of Siam at the 1950 British Grand Prix. The second driver to drive with 21 was an American Indy 500 entrant that went by the name of Spider Webb, real name Travis. Giancarlo Fisichella has the most races under number 21, 38 races, first in 1996 and then two more seasons in 2008 and 2009. Minardi have used it most, 120 times.


#55 Giedo van der Garde – Sauber

Just nine races for 55, with five of those being Indy 500 entrants. Mario Andretti’s Parnelli used it twice in 1974 and Jean-Pierre Jarier’s Lotus twice in 1978. The number 55 has never finished in the points, finishing the race just four out of nine times.


#25 Jean-Eric Vergne – Toro Rosso

458 races and two wins for number 25, both wins by Frenchmen, Patrick Depailler in 1979 and Didier Pironi in 1980. Another Frenchman, Rene Arnoux, has the most races with number 25, with 63 in total. The Ligier team used number 25 from 1979 to 1995, for 265 races.


#26 Daniil Kvyat – Toro Rosso

482 races and nine wins for 26, most of the wins from Jacques Laffite’s Ligier but the first from Fangio’s Maserati at the 1954 Belgian Grand Prix. Laffite and Ligier used the number most, 132 times for Laffite and 314 for the Ligier team.


#19 Felipe Massa – Williams

Just two wins for number 19, both by Benetton drivers, Nannini in 1989 and Schumacher in 1992. The number 19 has raced 624 times, mostly by Nannini, 46 times, and Benetton, 112 times.


#77 Valtteri Bottas – Williams

11 races for 77, and on his debut with the number #BO77AS matched the best result of it with fifth. The last time the number 77 raced in F1 was at the 1976 German Grand Prix, with a Martini Brabham. Mike Magil is the only driver to have used it more than once, and he used it just three times.


#40 Felipe Nasr – Williams

Number 40 has been used 82 times, with no wins but four podiums. First used by Alberto Ascari at the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix and last used by Gabriele Tarquini at the 1989 Australian Grand Prix. Tarquini and AGS used the number a record 15 times.


#41 Susie Wolff – Williams

Just 27 races for number 41, and not a single point scored. Only six times the 41 car actually started a race, mostly failing to pre-qualify, and three actual finishes, none higher than tenth. Yannick Dalmas used it most, just 9 times, and 16 for the AGS team.

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