Tuesday , 23 July 2024

My 2014 F1 Predictions

Last season I made some predictions on 2013 (here) and mostly failed miserably! The only one I really managed to get was McLaren having no pole positions and Red Bull winning the Constructors’ Championship, quite poor. Hopefully this season I will get a few more predictions right.

The first prediction will be one I think everyone has made, Red Bull won’t win any championships this year. With their Renault engines and many problems so far in testing it doesn’t look good for them. The best I think they can manage is something like McLaren in 2009, a weak start and a strong finish once they sort out all overheating problems.

The winner of the championships? I’m going with Mercedes and Nico Rosberg, they seem to have a reliable and fast car and Nico is a smart driver. It will be close between him, Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen, with the moronic double points final race playing a part in the championship win.

Williams I think and hope will have a strong start to the season. I tend to completely ignore the times from pre-season testing but Massa has just posted a time over a second quicker than Williams managed in qualifying at Bahrain last season. Obviously the track is in a different state of grip and the tyres are different, but that’s still impressive, especially as the cars are supposedly slower than last year. With a bit of luck and some early season unreliability to other teams I think Williams can push for podiums.

McLaren can return to the podium, a race win I don’t know, but podiums I’m almost certain about, Kevin Magnussen will be the first Danish driver on the podium in F1.

We will see engine and KERS failures, especially in the earlier and the hotter races, later on in the season I can see Romain Grosjean getting a race win at last, Marussia will stay ahead of Caterham in the Constructors’ and COULD sneak a point with some luck.

I have another Badger GP Friends League set up in their Fantasy GP game if you want to join, the name is just Stat League and the passcode is 826910, enjoy!

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