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Williams Martini Racing
Williams Martini Racing

2015 Monaco GP Pre-Race Stats

It’s Monaco time, the slowest race in F1 and the only exclusion to the 305km race distance rule.

Monaco is one of the oldest races still going today, starting back in 1929 and running almost every year since then. The race has only been off of the calendar for just four years, between 1951 and 1954. The track is 3.340km long with 78 laps, totalling 260.520km through narrow roads, safety car almost guaranteed.

In the 61 previous Monaco GPs it has been won from pole 28 times, which in percentage (45.90%) is still less than Singapore (71.43%), Sepang (52.94%), Shanghai (58.33%) and Suzuka (46.15%). Seems that the tracks/countries starting with S have more wins from poles than those without. 33 different drivers have won the Monaco GP, McLaren have won it a record 15 times and Ayrton Senna a record six times.

We could potentially see the eighth and ninth drivers to score over 1,000 points, a top four finish for Felipe Massa in Monaco would take him over 1,000 points scored in F1 and a win for Nico Rosberg would also take him over 1,000 points scored.

The Silly Stats

Monaco is roughly the same length as 4,175 Roscoes or 1,920 Lewis Hamiltons.

It would take Roscoe (or any bulldog) roughly 9:32.571 to run a lap of the Monaco GP.

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