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2015 Hungarian GP Pre-Race Stats

The Hungarian GP is just about half way into the season and it looks like Mercedes are walking away with both championships. The Silver Arrows have more points than Ferrari and Williams combined.

This will be the 30th Hungarian GP, 13 of the last 29 (44.83%) have been won from pole position and 18 (62.07%) from the front row of the grid. Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are tied with four wins in Hungary so one more for Hamilton would make him the most successful driver at the track. The Hungaroring is 4.381km long (2.722mi) with a 70 lap race, totalling 306.370km (190.369mi) race distance.

The average speed of the record lap at the Hungaroring is just 199kph or 124mph, the fourth slowest track on the grid behind Monaco (obviously), Marina Bay and Yas Marina. A podium for Hamilton this weekend would be his 80th in F1, assuming he finishes on the podium he would be only the fifth driver to reach 80 podiums. Ferrari will be making their 900th GP entry this weekend (899th start) at the Hungarian GP.

The Prediction

Pole – Hamilton

1st – Hamilton

2nd – Rosberg

3rd – Vettel

10th – Perez

The Silly Stats

The Rubik’s Cube was invented by a Hungarian, you could line 76,860 of them around the Hungarian GP, or if you wanted 14,832,564 of them would completely cover the track surface.

A great white shark would be able to swim the same length as the Hungaroring in 5:15.432, or to swim the entire race distance it would take 6:08:00.240.

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