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Force India F1 Team
Force India F1 Team

2015 Mexican GP Pre-Race Stats

The Mexican GP returns! A new layout on a classic track and the first F1 race in Mexico since 1992.

This will be the 16th Mexican GP, all of which were held at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez (or Rodriguez Brothers Racetrack in English). The track is 4.304km long with 71 laps giving a total race distance of 305.584km. Mexico has a unique stat; Lotus, McLaren and Williams are all tied on most wins with three each AND Clark, Prost and Mansell are tied with two each. 7 (46.67%) of the 15 races at the track have been won from pole position and 9 (60%) from the front row of the grid.

The track is named after the first two Mexicans to race in F1, Ricardo Rodriguez and his older brother Pedro Rodriguez. Ricardo Rodriguez was the first teenager to race in F1, making his debut for Ferrari at the 1961 Italian GP at just 19 years and 208 days old. Ricardo was considered a future champion but unfortunately died at a non-championship Mexican GP aged just 20. Pedro Rodriguez had a longer F1 career, from 1963 to 1971 with two race wins but much like his younger brother he died in his car at a racetrack doing what he loved.

Sergio Perez will be the first Mexican to race at his home GP since 1970, where Pedro Rodriguez finished sixth in his BRM and it looks likely that next year Esteban Gutierrez will be able to race his home GP too.

The Silly Stats

Lewis Hamilton may be a triple World Champion, but he’s nothing on the fastest mouse in all of Mexico, Speedy Gonzales. After a lot of research watching cartoons, I estimate that Speedy Gonzales can run up to 360kmh, fast enough to lap the Mexican GP in just 43.040 seconds.

If you bought 28,241 tacos you could line them once around the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

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The F1StatMan, mostly known for coming up with useless F1 related stats about burgers.

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