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Steventattum via Wikipedia
Steventattum via Wikipedia

Manor Marussia 2015 – Head to Head

Manor Marussia were the team last in the championship in 2015, so their teammate head to head is the first. They’re also the only team that had three drivers racing last season, making the stats that little bit trickier to compare.

Position Driver Race Finish Started Ahead Qualified Ahead Faster Race Lap
19 Roberto Merhi 5 4 4 1
20 Alexander Rossi 3 3 3 3
21 Will Stevens 6 12 12 11

Pretty simple to start, counts the times each driver has beaten their teammate in the race, qualifying and fastest lap. Will Stevens is clearly ahead in qualifying and fastest laps but it’s a bit more even in the races. Stevens is still ahead, but Stevens started 17 races, Rossi five and Merhi 13, turned into percentages Stevens comes last and Rossi top.

Driver Best Four Finishes Average Finish
Roberto Merhi 12 13 14 15 15.5
Alexander Rossi 12 14 15 18 15.4
Will Stevens 13 14 15 15 16.1

Merhi and Rossi both had the joint best finishing position for Manor Marussia with 12th, but the interesting part is the average finish. Despite being clearly ahead in qualifying Will Stevens had the worst average finishing position, Roberto Merhi in the middle and Alexander Rossi just ahead of him.

Unfortunately as Manor Marussia weren’t particularly successful in 2015, there aren’t many stats to actually show, so this is a little shorter than the other head to heads will be, but I will say that Alexander Rossi deserves a seat next year, he only had a few races but performed very well in them.

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