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Daimler/Mercedes AMG F1
Daimler/Mercedes AMG F1

2016 Bahrain GP Pre-Race Stats

So after changing their minds about 20 times between Australia and now, qualifying for the Bahrain GP remains the same as Australia, though by Saturday it will have probably changed another five times.

The Bahrain GP is the second race of the season and the first to be shown live on Channel 4 in the UK, days after Sky have signed an exclusive deal for 2019 onwards. This weekend will mark the 12th Bahrain GP, all of which have been at the same track, 5 races (45.45%) have been won from pole position and 8 (72.73%) from the front row of the grid. The track is 5.412km long with 57 racing laps (assuming another engine doesn’t fail on the grid), giving a total race distance of 308.484km.

Only six drivers have won in Bahrain, Ferrari the most successful team with four wins and Alonso the most successful driver with three. Of the six winning drivers only two, Schumacher and Button, have won the race once; Massa, Vettel and Hamilton have all won the race twice and Alonso thrice. Pole in Australia was 2.5 seconds quicker than 2015, a similar improvement at Bahrain would mean getting very close (and perhaps even passing) the lap record at Bahrain (qualifying record 1:30.139, race record 1:30.252, both Michael Schumacher from 2004).

The Silly Stats

Continuing with the racing animal theme from the previous race, who would win in a race; a racing camel, Cape hare or greater flamingo?

The hare would win the race, lapping the Bahrain International Circuit in 5:02.657, the greater flamingo, flying close behind, with 5:45.895 and then at the rear the racing camel would lap at 8:07.080.

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