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Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool
Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

2016 Chinese GP Pre-Race Stats

Thankfully the FIA have FINALLY seen some sense and reverted back to 2015 qualifying from the 2016 Chinese GP onwards.

So far in 2016 Lewis Hamilton has taken both pole positions and Nico Rosberg both wins, and won the last three in 2015. Every driver with five consecutive wins, bar Rosberg currently, has at least one championship, if Rosberg can win a sixth consecutive race he will have done something his teammate has not.

The race this weekend will be the 13th Chinese GP, all have been at this circuit. Seven (58.33%) races have been won from pole in China and just one (8.33%) from second on the grid. Eight drivers have won at the Shanghai International Circuit, Ferrari have won the race four times and Lewis Hamilton also four. Nico Rosberg won his first race in China in 2012 (months after I predicted he would win a race in 2012 and a future championship)

The track is 5.451km long and the race will have 56 laps, a total distance of 305.256km, making it the second shortest race in 2016, behind only Monaco which is 260.520km.

The Silly Stats

So, a race between a giant panda, a black-necked crane and a South China tiger around the Shanghai International Circuit, who wins?

The crane comes in first with a lap of 5:01.902, the tiger just behind with 5:27.060 and the panda is about as fast as a HRT in 2010 with 10:13.237.

Side Note

I will be at Silverstone for the World Endurance Championship again this weekend and will see pretty much no live action from China so my Twitter feed will be fairly silent. I may schedule a few stats and try to guess the result but most of my tweeting will be about Silverstone/WEC, expect more amazing photography skills from me like this.

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