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Daimler/Mercedes AMG F1
Daimler/Mercedes AMG F1

2016 Spanish GP Pre-Race Stats

The start of the European season is here with the Spanish GP and Red Bull have surprised most people by promoting Max Verstappen to Red Bull and putting Daniil Kvyat back in Toro Rosso.

This weekend will mark the 46th Spanish GP, and the 26th at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The track has the highest percentage of wins from the front row on the 2016 calendar (excluding COTA and Sochi as they only have a few races and are currently on 100%) with 92%, 17 (68%) wins from pole and 6 (24%) from second on the grid. Since 2007 the Spanish GP has had a different winner every year, but it is unlikely to see this continue as Rosberg won in 2015, Hamilton in 2014 and Vettel in 2011, the chances of anyone else winning the race are incredibly slim, though anything can happen.

Catalunya is 4.655km long and has 66 laps in the race, giving a total distance of 307.230km. 16 different drivers have won the Spanish GP at Catalunya, 27 have won the Spanish GP and the most successful driver and team in Spain and Catalunya are Ferrari and Michael Schumacher.

As previously mentioned, Max Verstappen will be in the Red Bull for this race, and the rest of the season, and Kvyat back to Toro Rosso. Currently the youngest podium finisher is Sebastian Vettel at 21 years and 73 days, at the Spanish GP Verstappen will be 18 years and 228 days old, so Verstappen has until the end of the 2018 season to finish on the podium to beat that record. And to continue on that even more, Verstappen could not only be the youngest podium finisher, but if he scores a podium this year he will have done that at a younger age than any other person has even raced an F1 car.

The Silly Stats

A bull could run a lap of Catalunya in 8:43.688, probably not far off the pace of Red Bull.

If the track were 5cm deep in water it could fill 12,700,000 cans, enough to tower up to a height of 1463km, almost the length that the Proclaimers would walk.

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