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2016 Austrian GP Pre-Race Stats

F1 is back to the Red Bull Ring for the 29th Austrian GP, all but one of which have been held at the track.

The first Austrian GP was held at Zeltweg Airfield, an incredibly dull four corner track on an airfield, as the name suggests. Since then the GP has been held at the Red Bull Ring, using two different layouts and three names. The track is 4.326km long, 71 laps in the race so a total distance of 307.146km. Seven (25.93%) of the races have been won from pole position and 14 (51.85%) from second on the grid.

In total 21 drivers have won the Austrian GP, McLaren are the most successful team with six wins and Alain Prost the most successful driver with three. Nico Rosberg is the only current driver to have won the race as he has won the last two, winning from third in 2014 and second in 2015, so surely Rosberg to win from pole in 2016?

With cars being around one to two seconds faster this year the pole time will most likely beat the record pole time of 1:08.082 from 2002 and potentially in the race coming close or beating the record race laptime of 1:08.337 from 2003.

Lewis Hamilton is just eight points behind Sebastian Vettel’s current all-time points record so could potentially take that with a good result in Austria. Both Vettel and Hamilton could potentially reach 2000 points scored over the weekend, Vettel would need to finish sixth or above for 2000 points, Hamilton second or above.

The Silly Stats

The Red Bull Ring could be covered with 18,792,576 cans of Red Bull. That’s enough cans to create a tower 1,565 miles tall and enough Red Bull to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools.

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