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Renault Sport F1 / Vincent Curutchet / DPPI
Renault Sport F1/Vincent Curutchet/DPPI

The Longest Straights in F1

A few years ago I wrote about the longest straights in F1, it’s a little outdated now, and to be honest quite badly written, so I thought I’d make an updated version.

One of the biggest problems with F1 straights is there are different numbers for the same straight pretty much everywhere so nothing can really be believed. This time I decided to use Google Earth and measure every straight through that, while not completely accurate it’s enough for a decent comparison and means everything is measured the same way.

Track Straight Length (m)
Shanghai 1200
Baku City Circuit 1200
Yas Marina 1200
Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez 1200
Monza 1120
Sakhir 1100
COTA 1100
Catalunya 1050
Sepang 900
Hungaroring 800
Spa-Francorchamps 770
Albert Park 750
Silverstone 750
Suzuka 750
Sochi 700
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 670
Interlagos 650
Red Bull Ring 650
Marina Bay 520
Hockenheimring 500
Monaco 470

Nice and simple table, every track in 2016 sorted by the length of their longest straight. Baku is the newest circuit for 2016 and has the joint longest straight. Quite a few circuits have small kinks on their straights, I calculated the length of those too.

Track Straight Length with Kink (m)
Baku City Circuit 1600
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 1050
Interlagos 900

Baku now possibly the longest straight in F1, as mentioned these all do have kinks in but they are all easily taken flat. However as they all technically have a corner in them they don’t really count as straights, but it’s nice to measure and compare them anyway! Some people may claim that Baku has a 2.2km long straight, these people are wrong. For the straight to be 2.2km it would have to stretch from turn 16 to turn 1, while the corners should all be flat it is not a straight, there are four corners there, ignoring one minor corner is fair enough, but four? No.

So that’s all the current circuit straight lengths, but what about some older tracks? Well I did those ones too.

Track Straight Length (m)
Fuji 1500
Buddh 1160
Korea 1150
Nurburgring 850
Istanbul 700


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