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Scuderia Ferrari S.p.A
Scuderia Ferrari S.p.A

2017 Italian GP Pre-Race Stats

After the long break we have back to back races, and they’re two of the most historic races in Formula One.

The Italian GP is one of only two races that have been held every year since the first year of F1 in 1950, the other being the British GP. Monza though holds the record for the most F1 races, this weekend being the 68th Italian GP and 67th race at Monza. The 1980 Italian GP is the only race not held at Monza as it was held at Imola instead due to renovations.

Each lap of the track is 5.793km long, the race is 53 laps and 307.029km long. 25 wins (37.88%) at Monza have been won from pole position and 37 (56.06%) from the front row. As expected Ferrari are the most dominant team in Italy with 18 wins to their name, McLaren behind by some way in second with ten. Michael Schumacher is the driver with the most wins at Monza with five.

In terms of the current drivers, both Vettel and Hamilton have three wins each at the track, while Alonso has two. Interestingly no Finnish driver has ever won the Italian GP, something Raikkonen and Bottas will be keen to correct on Sunday.

Jolyon Palmer is still the only driver that has yet to outqualify their teammate (before penalties are applied), something that may have changed last week had his gearbox not failed.

The Silly Stats

You would need 22,280 individual strands of spaghetti to lap once around the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. To completely cover the track you would need 534,738,461 strands, which would weigh around 565,860kg, the same weight as over 800 F1 cars.

If you ordered 685,909 12 inch mozzarella pizzas from an Italian takeaway they could cover the entire Monza track surface and feed the crowd at the same time.

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