Tuesday , 20 April 2021
Scuderia Ferrari S.p.A

2018 Bahrain GP Pre-Race Stats

Vettel won the last Bahrain GP, and the last race two weeks ago, but can he do it again or will Mercedes take their first win of the year?

Track Stats:

5.412km long lap

57 lap race

308.484km race distance

13 previous races

5 wins from pole (38.46%)

9 wins from the front row (69.23%)

7 different winners

5 wins from Ferrari

3 wins from Alonso and Vettel

Hamilton on 2 wins

Driver/Team Stats:

Vettel’s 200th race start (assuming he does)

Bottas’ 100th race

Hamilton’s 100th race for Mercedes

Silly Stats:

A racing camel can run up to 40mph and maintain 25mph for an hour, with a robot jockey the camel can lap the Bahrain International Circuit in 8:07.080.

Bahrain is in total 765.3 km², making it big enough to fit a total of 88,955,562 McLaren MP4-12C cars, though they wouldn’t be able to move an inch.

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The F1StatMan, mostly known for coming up with useless F1 related stats about burgers.

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