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2019 Monaco GP Key Stats

The steak of 1-2s for Mercedes continues, five from five so far in 2019, matching the current record for consecutive 1-2 finishes.

Track Stats:

66th F1 Monaco GP

77th Monaco GP including non-championship and pre-F1

3.337km long lap, shortest on the calendar by almost one kilometre

78 lap race

260.286km total race distance, the only race that doesn’t require the 305km minimum distance

19 corners

29 wins from pole (44.62%)

44 wins from the front row (67.69%)

McLaren have the record for wins with 15, and are highly unlikely to increase those wins

Senna has the most wins for a driver with six

Driver/Team Stats:

Kimi Raikkonen will be taking part in his 300th GP (but not 300th start)

Hamilton and Vettel have both won the Monaco GP twice, Ricciardo and Raikkonen have won it once

Pole for Bottas would be his 10th in F1, and his fourth in a row

If Mercedes take a 1-2 finish in Monaco they would take the record for the most consecutive 1-2 finishes

Silly Stats:

Monaco is often associated with glamour, and the most unglamourous creature known to man, the Blobfish, is around 70cm long. This means that you could line 4771 of them around a lap of Monaco, which is more than enough to scare off most of the pointless celebrities that always find their way to the grid and feign interest in F1.

You could line up over 1,200 roulette tables around the Monaco GP circuit, or if you wanted to completely cover the track surface with dice, you’d need around 101,239,313 ¾ inch dice.

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