Monday , 23 September 2019
Daimler/Mercedes AMG F1

2019 German GP Key Stats

A little bit later than planned, and I’m currently writing these from a hotel room in Canterbury, but here are the German GP stats!

Track Stats:

4.575km long lap

67 lap race

306.458km race distance

36 previous races

18 wins from pole (50.00%)

26 wins from the front row (72.22%)

22 different winners

12 wins from Ferrari

4 wins from Michael Schumacher

Driver/Team Stats:

200th race for Mercedes in F1

If Hamilton gets the fastest lap of the race it will be his 44th

A podium finish for either of the Mercedes drivers would be their 10th of the season, after only 11 races

Silly Stats:

Germans love a bratwurst! And you could line 25,740 Nordhessische Bratwursts around the Nürburgring.

To completely cover the track surface in delicious sausages you would need 8,365,500 of them.

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The F1StatMan, mostly known for coming up with useless F1 related stats about burgers.

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