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Red Bull Racing/Getty Images
Red Bull Racing/Getty Images

Post-Race Statistics of the 2014 Canadian GP

Late stats again! Sorry for that, but the Canadian GP was slightly insane and for the first time this season, Mercedes did not win the race.

Not only did Mercedes fail to win the race, but for the first time since Australia, also the last time one of them retired, there haven’t been two Mercedes cars on the podium. The race was won by the smiling Australian Daniel Ricciardo in his 57th GP and his third Canadian GP. The race win makes Ricciardo the 105th driver to win an F1 race and the fourth Australian to win. All three previous Australian race winners have won at least one championship; Jack Brabham and Alan Jones have won World Drivers’ Championships and Mark Webber helped Red Bull win Constructors’ Championships.

Nico Rosberg finished second, finishing on the podium every race this season, the final podium position went to Ricciardo’s teammate, Sebastian Vettel. The fastest lap went to Felipe Massa, who could potentially have won the race, or at least a podium, had he not crashed out on the final lap. For the first ever time in his career, Max Chilton failed to finish a race, crashing into his teammate on the first lap, causing a safety car. Amazingly it’s the first time since the 2010 Korean GP where a Marussia (still Virgin then) has not finished a race.


Not too many changes this week, Ricciardo and Vettel have both moved up one position, as have Button and Sutil, dropping Alonso, Hulkenberg, Bottas and Ericsson all down one position. In the Constructors’ there is just one change, with Toro Rosso jumping ahead of Lotus again.


Rosberg now has a decent lead of the championship with Hamilton failing to finish for the second time this season. The Mercedes lead is slightly lower, but Rosberg still has more points than Red Bull, who are second in the Constructors’ Championship.

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