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Red Bull Media House
Red Bull Media House

Pre-Race Statistics of the 2014 Austrian GP

The return of the Austrian GP! But can Red Bull win in the Red Bull Ring? I’m not so sure.

By Pitlane02 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Austria might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of F1 drivers, but Austrians have won 41 races, putting them seventh highest, above Australia, Spain and many more. Austria has had 16 F1 drivers and two champions, between them winning four championships.

The track hasn’t been used in F1 since 2003, when it was called the A1 Ring, before that being called the Österreichring. Just four of the current drivers, Massa, Raikkonen, Alonso and Button, have raced at the Red Bull/A1 Ring in F1, with only Raikkonen finishing on the podium.

There have been 26 Austrian GPs, with 25 of them at the current track that has had three different names, and one at Zeltweg Airfield in 1964. The Red Bull Ring is a 4.326km long circuit with just nine corners, the least corners on the calendar. The race will have 71 laps and a race distance of 307.146km. Just seven of the 25 races at the Red Bull Ring have been won from pole position, six from second on the grid, meaning just 52% have been won from the front row of the grid, the lowest on the calendar.

Mercedes may have lost their win record, but they do still have every pole position and have finished no lower than second. Red Bull Racing and the smiling Australian Daniel Ricciardo have finished on the podium for the last three races, obviously wanting to get a fourth at their own track.

The Silly Stats

The shape of Austria looks somewhat similar to a chicken drumstick, and you could cover the track with around 14,420,000 of them, enough for every person in Austria to have a drumstick and still have six million drumsticks left over.

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